Dramatic Sales Boost For Ventriloquist

Increased lead conversion by 48% through strategy redesign.

Increased lead conversion rates by 89%

Between a slow down in sales and a wasteful budget, Ventriloquist Customer Communication Solutions was in a slump. Exhale was hired to perform a thorough audit of Ventriloquist’s marketing initiatives and slash and burn any waste.

Upon delivering our audit and comprehensive recommendations, Exhale was retained to improve Ventriloquist’s marketing strategy, create relevant fresh and modern collateral and completely rebrand their image.

Working in close collaboration with the Ventriloquist sales team, Exhale ensured each marketing initiative drove revenues through high-converting sales sheets, high-impact presentations and effective lead-nurturing campaigns.

As a result, Ventriloquist’s sales nearly doubled and the company saw a dramatic increase in prospect engagement and a noticeable lift in company value.

“I have worked with many consultants in the past, but none have delivered results to the same level as Exhale Marketing. They developed a robust marketing strategy for Ventriloquist, which dramatically lifted customer acquisition and repeat business.”

- Nishi Mohan, VP Sales and Marketing, Ventriloquist Communication Solutions

How We Did It

Starting with a robust marketing strategy for Ventriloquist allowed for informed tactics

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Strategy Development
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