4 Solutions to be Jolly About

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Santa ListFeeling that chill outside? The countdown is on and the holiday season is just around the corner! It’s time to start considering how you will turn your holiday budget into a well orchestrated marketing strategy with profitable and customer relationship building results.

The following 4 strategies are a few holiday solutions which will allow you to stand out to your customers. The Results: Build loyalty, gain their appreciation and boost revenue.

1) Get on the “Nice List” with Customer Appreciation

Whether you are appreciating VIP Customers,  or want to reach out to your entire client base, a customer appreciation campaign delivered in their preferred channel will shine.

Your campaign may include a personalized seasons greeting or special thank you through a custom voice message, or a holiday email with gift ideas and/or a coupon.  Bright Idea: Consider using a voice message or email with an opportunity for an SMS opt-in promotional program.

2) Deck the Halls with SMS Cheers

A thank you to customers is pointless when it gets lost in the shuffle of holiday cards, flyers and emails. This season ensure your cheers & holiday greetings are noticed by creating an SMS campaign. With over a 90% open rate, your message will be not only be received but remembered. Bright
Idea: Combine a SMS Cheer with a promotion or holiday gift. (SMS campaigns must have client permission/opt-in).

3) Ring in the Profits with Email Brand Awareness

The hunt for great gift ideas has started, why not bring your organization to the forefront of clients minds with a powerful email brand campaign.

Whether you provide a gift idea catalog, a membership promotion or a community giving push, we can help you create a holiday email with distinct and measurable result.

4) Make Memories with a 12 Days of Savings Series

On the first day of Christmas my “loyalty program” gave to me….. a promotion of a buy one get one free….

Daily deals became a very popular tool last year with shoppers opting-in to receive a new feature promotion each day. Creating a sense of excitement and urgency with a splash of anticipation, this is a unique way to increase profits, thank consumers and create a festive season of sales.

We’d love to hear your ideas for boosting customer relations and sales during the holiday season. Please feel free to share your thoughts in our comments section.

ExhaleMarketing4 Solutions to be Jolly About