What is Opt-In and Why It Helps

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optinWe are taught early on to mind our “please” & “thank yous”, but for business contacting their clients the words “may we” are important to add to the list

If you are ready to increase your response rates and generate more revenue through effective message communications and marketing, Opt-in is the key. What is Opt In you may ask? It is the action of receiving express consent from your prospects/customers to provide them with relevant, timely, personalized information.

Aside from simply staying on the right side of the law dealing with messaging compliance to avoid unwanted spam, opt in has a far more valuable aspect. OptĀ  In gives you a list of those consumers who genuinely want to receive information from you, whether it is special offers, service/product updates, account status or program notices.

With permission gained through Opt-In to contact your customers, you can engage them through multiple channels by email, voice, or by what is quickly becoming the most prolific communication channel – mobile phone.

‘Mobile coupons receive 10 times the redemption rate of
traditional printed coupons.”

As an added bonus a properly designed and executed Opt-In campaign will help you broaden brand awareness and build stronger customer loyalty. When permission by a customer to contact them is given, your messages are welcome instead of ignored. You dramatically increase the quality of your communications and will experience a measurable lift in response.

“Debunking the 4 Myths of Opt-In”
There are a lot of misconceptions around obtaining Opt-In. The following are four we feel are important myths to debunk.

1) Bigger is Always Better! (My list will shrink and I’ll loose clients)
You know that having a large contact list with a very low open rate is a waste of resources. By employing an Opt-In program, such as that offered by Ventriloquist, you transform your list into a quality database. Your marketing efforts will begin to out-perform your previous campaigns due to reaching a committed and responsive audience.

2) It’s difficult to get Opt-Ins.
Opt-In efforts do not need to be complicated. At Ventriloquist we can help you create a straightforward and simple way of having your customers or prospects say yes to the information they are interested in receiving. Whether through a short code text back on their mobile device, pressing a key during a voice message or checking a box on a form, there are many ways to gain Opt-In.

3) It costs too much to run an Opt-In campaign.
Few things can rival the value and long term rewards of a well-executed Opt-In campaign. e.g.: a national women’s clothing retailer recently generated a staggering 6,600% ROI thanks to their professionally deployed Opt-In promotion.

4) I can just keep doing what I’ve always done.
Allowing your list to stagnate can cause serious consequences in the long run. For example, unconfirmed email lists can cause costly bounce backs and risk your organization to be spam flagged (internet version of being blacklisted) hindering future digital marketing efforts. It is also important to keep in mind the growth of mobile marketing, which when used as a promotion tool legally requires Opt-In.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance staying on top of your mailing list.

ExhaleMarketingWhat is Opt-In and Why It Helps